About Conference

In recent years, it has been heard about advances in communication in the area of internet of things, industrial IOT, smart factories, smart healthcare, smart mobility and smart energy etc. ICAC 2019 is the 2nd International Conference that aims to explore growing advancements in the fields of Telecommunication and Networking Technologies and provides a common platform to leading scientists, academicians, researchers, government officials, practicing engineers, industry professionals and students to share their research experiences and views. It is a technical congregation where the latest theoretical and technological techniques in advanced computing will be presented and discussed. Even database has also been updated by huge amount of data through the globe. So the role of big data and data analytics will lead to further evolution of ubiquitous computing, cognitive computing with computational intelligence and cloud computing. The conference will be held on 15 - 17 November 2019 to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences on futuristic research techniques in various related areas. The role of computing, communicating, energy resources are to be emphasized in computer science and engineering, electronics and communication engineering and electrical engineering respectively to enhance and motivate the new technology for wide range of applications.
The objective of the conference is to bring together experts from academic institutions, industries, research organizations and professional engineers for sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience in emerging trends related to the computer, communication and electrical topics. The aim of this international conference is to coverage all the issues on a single platform and provide international forum for researchers to discuss the real-time problems and solutions to exchange their valuable ideas and showcase the ongoing works which may lead to path breaking foundation of the futuristic engineering. This conference mainly aims at advanced communication protocol, database security and privacy, advanced computing system, saving energy etc. on several updated techniques. The conference offers a platform to focus on the inventive information and computing towards the investigation of cognitive mechanisms and processes of human information processing, and the development of the next generation engineering and advanced technological systems.