Registration Fees





Industry Delegates

USD 300

INR 7500


USD 250

INR 7000

Scholars (PhD/Post Doc.)

USD 200

INR 6500

Student (Master’s degree /B. Tech.)

USD 150

INR 4500

Listeners/Delegates (without paper presentation or publication)

USD 100

INR 1500

The registration fee includes:

The registration fee includes:

  • Admission to technical program comprising technical sessions, keynotes, tutorials, specialized workshop.
  • Coffee and snack breaks from 15th to 17th Nov. 2019.
  • Lunches from Tuesday 15th to 17th. Nov. 2019.
  • All social events.

The Main Conference registration (3 days) includes everything included in the full registration except the admission to the workshops and the lunch and social events of Tuesday 5th.

Student registrations include everything included in the corresponding non-student registrations except the participation to the banquet. Students will be requested to present a valid student card or a corresponding student certificate at the registration desk.

Important Notes

  • For each accepted paper (technical, vision, application, short, demo, poster and tutorial), at least one author needs to have a regular (i.e., non-student) registration. This regular registration should be done before 1st November, 2019 for having their paper included in the conference proceedings.
  • If you have multiple accepted papers, each paper must have a separate regular (i.e., non-student) registration.
  • For any issues and/or needs of clarifications, please refer to the contact resources.